NeighborWorks America currently offers training and scholarships at a variety of venues. Please select the appropriate event below to get specific eligibility requirements, registration details and scholarship application information (if applicable).

Events are listed as Scholarship events or Registration events.

A scholarship event has limited enrollment and has certain eligibility parameters. Click the "Apply" button to find out more about a scholarship event and apply for a scholarship.

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Schedule of Training Events

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Type Event Location Start Date Status  
PBT Chase Sponsored Training--Detroit July 2019 Detroit, MI 7/16/2019 Closed
PBT Chase Sponsored Training--Houston June 2019 Houston, TX 6/25/2019 Closed
PBT Chase Sponsored Training--Los Angeles June 2019 Montebello, CA 6/24/2019 Closed
PBT Chase Sponsored Training--San Francisco 2019 San Francisco, 6/18/2019 Closed
PBT Chase Sponsored Training--Washington, DC 2019 Washington, DC 6/24/2019 Open for Registration
NTI New Orleans, LA - NeighborWorks Training Institute - 2019 New Orleans, LA 8/19/2019 Closed
PBT TSHEP Homebuyer Education Training 2019 Houston, TX 7/22/2019 Accepting Scholarship Applications
PBT=Place-Based Training   NTI=NeighborWorks Training Institute
NFMC=National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program