New Orleans, LA - NeighborWorks Training Institute - 2019
New Orleans, LA

August 19-23, 2019

Scholarship: Wells Fargo Housing Foundation NTI Scholarship
Sponsor: Wells Fargo Housing Foundation

The scholarship is awarded to only 2 people per organization and those closest to the event location. Not all invitees will be awarded scholarships. 

NeighborWorks® America, in partnership with the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, is offering a limited number scholarships to pre-selected staff of nonprofit homeownership counseling and community development organizations.


Log-in or click the “Create Account” tab to submit a scholarship request.

Select your preferred course (first-choice) and alternate (second-choice) if the course reaches capacity or is canceled. Enter the scholarship code from your invitation at the bottom of the page.

This scholarship receives more requests than available funding. Not every scholarship will be approved.


This scholarship covers the cost of tuition and single-room lodging. Lodging arrangements will be made for you. A Continental Breakfast (pastries and coffee) are provided each morning. Expenses, including travel, meals and all other expenses are the responsibility of the organization receiving the scholarship.


Scholarship awards are not transferable to other events. Scholarships are for the event and courses listed.

Support Offered: Tuition, Lodging
Wells Fargo Housing Foundation

Sponsored classes

Click on the course name to see the description.
Class 8/19
Affordable Housing
AH102 The Basic Steps of Affordable Housing Development Process
AH111 Using the CDBG Program
AH113 Using the HOME Program
AH115 Using the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program
AH121 Real Estate Finance Nuts and Bolts
AH122 Single Family Development Finance
AH136 Successful Housing Development: Assembling the Best Project Team
AH142 Designing Affordable Housing: From Project Concept to Blueprint
AH221 Rental Housing Development Finance
AH226 Creative Project Financing Strategies
AH271 Budget Basics: Decoding the Mysteries of the ProForma
AH280 Health and Housing: Connecting to the Health Care System for New Partnerships, New Opportunities
Asset Management
AM121 Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management (CHAM)
AM225 Affordable Housing Finance Workshop for Asset Managers
AM252 Delivering Successful Resident Service Programs
AM290 Asset Management Fundamentals (CHAM)
AM291 Financial Fundamentals for Asset Managers (CHAM)
AM321 Advanced Financial Tools for Asset Managers
AM808 NeighborWorks Resident Services Convening
Community Engagement
CB100 Breaking with Isolation: The Power of Neighbors
CB116SV Working With Faith-Based Institutions in Community Development
CB127 The Role of Women in Transforming Communities
CB140 Strong Coalitions: Building on Common Interests
CB190 Reaching Your Community and Getting the Media on Your Side
CB199 Privilege, Power, Prejudice: Conversations on Social Justice
CB200 Community Engagement: Measuring Its Impact
CB212 Storytelling for Oral History, Community Building and Visioning
CB225 Pathways to Self-Reliant Communities: Building on Our Assets
CB280 Training of Trainers for Community Health Leadership and Action
CB310 Understanding the Politics of Policy
CB340 Effective Community Engagement: Developing Personal Accountability and Responsibility
Construction and Rehab
CP111 The Science of Building Performance
CP212 Sustainable and Resilient Materials and Methods of Construction
CP231sv Building Multifamily Housing Part I: Project-Managing the Development Process
CP234 Building Multifamily Housing Part II: Project Managing the Design Process
CP237 Building Multifamily Housing Part III: Project Managing the Construction Process
CP257 The Nitty Gritty of Ventilation - A Breath of Fresh Air
Community Economic Development
ED101SV Community Economic Development Principles, Practices and Strategies
ED120 Commercial Real Estate Development
ED165 Achieving Economic Development with CDBG Funding
ED207 Market Analytics - Help is on the way!
ED212 Short & Sweet for the Long Term - Guerrilla Urbanism
ED235 Using Tales of the Zombie Apocalypse to Inform and Influence Your Economic Development Strategies
Financial Capability, Housing Education and Counseling
HO103 Lending Basics for Homeownership Counselors
HO105 Compliance with State and Federal Regulations
HO108 Loan Servicing and Collections
HO109 Foreclosure Basics for Homeownership Counselors
HO110 Introduction to Housing Counseling
HO111 Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
HO200 Ready, Set, Prep: Tackling the HUD Counselor Exam Step by Step
HO208 Building Skills for Financial Confidence
HO208 Building Skills for Financial Confidence
HO209rq Delivering Effective Financial Education for Today's Consumer
HO210 Practice, Study, Success: Test Strategies for HUD's Counselor Certification Exam
HO211 Credit Counseling for Maximum Results
HO213 Fair Housing - What Professionals Need to Know
HO218 Counseling the Homeless and Those at Risk of Becoming Homeless
HO220 Client Management and Tracking with CounselorMax®
HO229 Homebuyer Education Methods: Training the Trainer
HO236 Efficient Strategies and Techniques for Loss Mitigation Counseling: Analyzing and Sharing the Results
HO247 Post-Purchase Education Methods
HO248 Program Compliance & Reporting for HUD-Approved Counseling Agencies
HO250 Homeownership Counseling Certification: Principles, Practices and Techniques, Part I
HO255 Effective Approaches to Student Loan Counseling
HO255 Effective Approaches to Student Loan Counseling
HO270 Senior Services for Housing Counselors
HO275 Intermediate HECM Counseling: Skills and Tools (Please see the course description for course eligibility requirements)
HO307 Advanced Foreclosure: Case Study Practicum
HO310 Financial Coaching: Helping Clients Reach Their Goals
HO324 Advanced Reporting and Customization for CounselorMax
HO345rq Foreclosure Intervention and Default Counseling Certification, Part I **PRE-TEST REQUIRED**
HO360 Homeownership Counseling Certification for Program Managers and Executive Directors
HO370-rq Financial Coaching Advanced Practicum: Taking Your Practice to the Next Level **Prerequisite: HO310 Financial Coaching: Helping Clients Reach Their Goals**
HO375 Financial Capability Program Design for Managers
Single-Family and Small Business Lending
LE210 USDA Rural Development Sec502 Direct Loans: Affordable Rural Homeownership
LE250 Community-Based Residential Lending - Outreach, Intake and Loan Application Best Practices
LE252 Community-Based Residential Lending - Loan Processing, Underwriting and Closing Best Practices
LE262 Community-Based Residential Lending - Program Administration Best Practices
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
ML145 The ABC's of Managing a Project
ML162 Marketing Your Programs and Organizations
ML173 Grant Proposal Writing
ML210 Operational Strategies for Organizational Success
ML229 Emotional Intelligence (EI) at Work - 2-day
ML244 Sexual Harassment Prevention and Compliance for Boards
ML245 Leadership Development in Communities of Color
ML246 Unique Role of the Senior Manager
ML266 Brandraising: Raising money and visibility using smart communications
ML269 Social Media Intensive: Advanced Strategy and Planning
ML276 Developing a Donor Communication Plan
ML280 Coaching Skills for Managers
ML282 How to Negotiate: The Most Important Skill You Will Ever Learn!
ML285 Coaching For Transformation
ML287 Coaching Teams to Build Leadership
ML312 Organizational Leadership Succession
ML315 Leading Breakthrough Strategy
ML316 Leading High Performance Teams
ML396 Organizing Neighborhoods for Emergency Response
ML397 Are You Prepared? Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning
ML398 Picking Up the Pieces: The First 30 days of Response & Recovery
ML933 SYMPOSIUM: Community Development Matters for Health: Closing the Life Expectancy Gap
Community and Neighborhood Revitalization
NR101 Essential Tools of Successful Neighborhood Revitilization
NR115SV Developing High-Impact Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies
NR116 Building Community and Promoting Equity through Revitalization
NR121 Measuring the Impacts of Your Revitalization Work
NR124SV Reading a Neighborhood: What a Walk Around the Block Can Tell You
NR171SV Community Development - Past, Present and Future
NR190 Leveraging Arts and Culture for Affordable Housing and Equitable Community Development
NR225 By the Numbers: Understanding Inequality and Opportunity
NR276 Creating a Fantastic Image for Your Neighborhood
NR369 Lending and Rehab Strategies for Maximum Neighborhood Impact