This event is closed and is no longer accepting scholarship applications

Virtual Training Institute - February 2022
February 7-11, 2022

As communities across the country grapple with the lingering effects of COVID-19 and, at the same time,  tough issues around racial inequity and an uncertain economy, NeighborWorks is focused on capacity-building and the sharing of best practices. Knowledge, skills and new approaches have never been more important, but training must be flexible and cost-effective to work in our current environment.

We’ve built out a week of high-quality online training and convening that will provide the kind of comprehensive professional development experience our participants have counted on for more than thirty-five years.

To provide you with the expert instruction and networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from us, while addressing the difficulty of travel and participants' needs to be close to their homes and work,  we offered a new kind of event—a Virtual Training Institute—that incorporated:

More than 60 cutting-edge webinars with updated content  

  • Expert faculty-led multi-session courses to address your unique situation and challenges
  • Timely, topical workshops on the latest strategies for serving your community
  • Unparalleled networking and peer-learning opportunities
  • A one-day “deep-dive” symposium!

Submit your application now to receive a scholarship to take advantage of this valuable opportunity. 

Scholarships will cover ONE of the following trainings: 

a wide variety of 90-minute webinars (courses ending in “WT”) offered throughout the week. Your scholarship would cover up to 5 webinars throughout the week.


a one-week faculty-led course (course ending in “WK”). The course includes a live session, assignments, reading, peer sharing discussions, and downloadable materials. 


one 3- to 4-week faculty-led course (courses ending in “VC”) that meets in weekly live sessions (90 minutes each). The course also includes assignments, reading, peer sharing discussions, and downloadable materials. Faculty-led trainings take about 4-5 hours per week.

Additional instructions will be emailed if your scholarship is approved. Online courses require a current and accurate email address to ensure you receive all course communications.

If you have a Training Online Registration Profile, the email used in the scholarship site to apply for scholarships should be the same one used to log in to your Online Registration Profile.

Please review your account to verify your email is accurate. If it needs to be updated contact us immediately at with your updated email address change request.

Any questions should be sent to


Name Sponsor   Eligibility Support Offered  
Housing Stability Counseling Program Scholarship NeighborWorks America Tuition, Lodging
JPMorgan Chase Virtual Training Scholarship JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPMorgan Chase Virtual Training Scholarship

This scholarship is by invitation only. The applicants have been pre-selected. No additional scholarships are available.

NCHEC/HUD Virtual Training Institute Scholarship US Department of HUD NCHEC/HUD Virtual Training Institute Scholarship

This scholarship is only available for HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies.